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I am sure most of you have pondered over this question, “How best can I use my leisure time?”. We have all been guilty of binge-watching Netflix, Youtube or some other social media content which doesn’t help us flex our productive brain muscle. We usually plug headphones during a commute or workout and listen to music which isn’t that productive. Don’t get me wrong. I love listening to music, I really do!! But let’s face it, we all would benefit more if we dedicate some amount of that time to get ourselves knowledgable. One of the effective ways of doing this is by listening to Podcasts.

Podcasts, if you don’t know yet are basically audio recordings done by an individual or a company. You generally subscribe to them like how you would a Youtube channel, in order to get new content when they are released. You could listen to them on your laptop by going directly to the website. But since most of us like to listen on our mobile phones, there are many podcast apps available both in Android and iOS. For those who don’t know, Apple has a podcast app of its own. Basically, my point is you can listen to them on any device at your convenience. There are also many genres within podcasts so it will cater to all people needs. Podcasts are not too popular in India yet(although they are beginning to take off), but they are hugely popular in the U.S. There are many independent podcasts available to listen to, as well as the podcasts from reputed network firms.

We spend many passive moments in a day where listening to Podcasts can really help us get much more value out of this time. If you are someone who likes to get the most value out of your time then look no further beyond Podcasts. There are so many productive hacks, ideas I have gotten out of them. You really get motivated after listening to a Podcast. If you are starting out new, then pick a Podcast that isn’t too serious and intimidating. Something that you could finish quickly and gives some value. So the next time you have plugged in your headphones or stuck in a commute, do yourself a favor and listen to a Podcast. You will thank me later!!

P.S – A few Podcasts to explore if you are interested,


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